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The global tyre industry, which is on a constant search for innovation, looks up at VMI Holland BV as a reliable partner in delivering machinery of exceptional quality and productivity. VMI is able to sustain and expand customer demand because of the huge dependability factor it nurtures keeping with the market trends.

It believes that as the tyre industry is striving to achieve further environment sustainability, it has to be ready with emerging technologies. VMI keeps a close watch on market trends and technological changes.

VMI’s Sales Director for Asia Mike Norman, who is the key figure helping the company’s rapid growth in the region over the past five years, closely monitors trends in the industry so that his company can deliver what the customers demand.

“The dominant factor in shaping the future of the tyre industry is likely to be the green agenda, with the leading tyre manufacturers relentlessly seeking to address performance issues that relate to fuel efficiency and reduced emissions,” he told Polymers & Tyre Asia. “The most important of these is reduction in rolling resistance, which is directly related to weight reduction,” he said.

Over the past 20 to 30 years enormous progress has been made in fuel efficiency, and the average tyre today is much lighter than in the 1980s and 1990s. Yet there is a lot more to be done and there are tremendous incentives to move further and faster.

“Weight reduction, of course, does not happen in isolation, because it is essential to avoid any compromise on safety and reliability,” Norman explained. “New materials are being used to deliver weight reduction while safeguarding reliability, including lighter but more durable cord, together with lightweight breakers, and all of these changes have big implications for us at VMI.”

VMI’s commitment is to make sure that its machinery can take the tyre manufacturers where they want to go. If new materials and specifications are needed—and they are—the company must be able to handle them.

Other operational and performance factors are also making their presence felt. For example, an increasing number of cars do not carry spare tyres any more, which makes run-flat technology more important than before, and VMI sees major growth coming in this area.


PTA News Bureau


(Full text in PTA August/September issue)

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