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Asian tyre producers and South East Europe

South East Europe (SEE) is often referred to as a gateway of Europe due to its geographical position on the map, serving as border line between East and West. The SEE market, which includes markets of   Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, has over 60 million people. The important ports are Rijeka, Koper, Bar, Thessaloniki, Varna, Constanta and Piraeus (Cosco). Zivojin-Sekulic

Chinese tyre brands in the market include Annaite, Doublestar, LingLong, Aeolus, Doublecoin, Triangle, Marcher, Antyre, Fullrun, Longmarch, GiTi, Rapid, Sunny, Sunitrac, BCT, Aufine,Roadmax and Westlake among others.

In the European tyre market there is a large number of tyres and tyre brands produced in Asia, and that number depends on the growth of the particular tyre segment. Chinese tyres dominate in the range of the tyres imported from Asia.

Because they want to achieve bigger market share and stronger brand awarness, many of the Asian tyre producers have been opening their facilities and plants in Europe and many of them are looking to South East Europe as potential place for their plants. On the other side, the presence in the EU has helped Asian tyre producers like Apollo, Nexen and Hankook, win high profile OEM contracts and become more recognizable in global tyre scene.

Today, when almost every market is saturated, everybody is trying to find and define new emerging markets, develop their brands there and achieve impressive market share. If we compare the number of tyres sold in South EastBy Zivojin Sekulic Europe and number of people living there with the situation in Italy or in France, we can conclude that SEE is emerging as a market with huge potential for growth.

Tyres produced in Serbia: PCR, LTR, Agricultural, Moto

Serbia has a long tradition in rubber and tyre industry. It currently hosts tyre plants of Michelin, Cooper, Mitas, and Trayal. Michelin, Cooper and Mitas are good examples of how major foreign investors are taking clue of the Serbian market’s investment potential in rubber industry. Cooper uses the Serbian tyre plant as the base for EU and Russian market. Michelin has upgraded its production capacity in Serbia last year with their new plant BIG Tigar (value of investment is about 220 Million EUR).

By Zivojin Sekulic, Accounts Manager, GAJ (Tyres and HVAC), Kralijevo, Serbia

(Full text in PTA August/September issue)


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