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It’s Mathias Heimann who’s charting the business roadmap of Apollo Tyres’ European operations as it prepares to open its greenfield project in Hungary. This facility will start producing Apollo and Vredestein branded tyres from early 2017 and will cater to the entire European market.

He brings to the job his experience and expertise gathered during over two decades managing companies across the world, which include working for some of the top global enterprises.

Heimann’s vision is to leverage Apollo’s investments in the manufacturing capabilities of its plant in Enschede and expansion of production facilities in Europe. As Apollo’s president of Europe and Americas and Chief Executive of Apollo Vredestein BV, the job is quite challenging.

“At the heart of everything we do here is to keep three pillars in mind — product, people and brand,” he told Polymers & Tyre Asia. “These are the areas that underpin the success story of Apollo Tyres and Apollo Vredestein, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

This 48-year old German professional with experience in sales, marketing and production, is tasked to consolidate Apollo’s business in Europe. An alumnus of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology with exposure working in Europe and Asia, Heimann has solid reputation in the automotive industry that includes original equipment suppliers as well as retail and service organisations for large international automobile companies in Europe and Asia.

“For me everything starts with a good product. The Apollo brand has a very strong core and name in India and we want to leverage on that in Europe and America as well, contributing to the internationalisation of the Apollo brand in the process,” he elaborates.

“We are positive about the future, and with good reason as the Apollo brand showed a growth of 27 per cent in Europe/America over the last year. Our goal is to make Apollo OEM-ready in the EA zone, again leveraging on what has already been achieved in India. Brand development and distribution channels will work hand-in-hand to support.”

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(Full text in August/September issue)

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