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Bridgestone India conducts medical heath check-up camp

Continuing its corporate social responsibility, Bridgestone India organised a Medical Health Check-up Camp on August 20, 2015, for rural and tribal population.DSC00002

The campaign was organised at Primary Health center, Karanjvihire in Khed taluka in Pune district of Maharashtra and covered residents of neighbouring villages. The objective of the initiative was to build health awareness among the rural community & tribal and to upgrade health status of these populations.

Bridgestone had organised for specialist medical team of Cardiologist, Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, General Physician, Radiologist led by Dr. Vikas Jadav associated with D.Y. Patil Hospital, Pimpri. The camp was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Suresh Dhekle, Medical officer PHC, Karanjvihire and supported by Government Health worker and team of pathologist.

Bridgestone employees and Rotary members volunteered in activities like patient’s registrations, assistance in medical examinations, pathological tests and medicament distribution etc during the health camp.

The counseling sessions were conducted for adolescent girls, pregnant women and aged population of rural community with the focus upon healthy habits, balance diet, hygiene and care during growing years of adolescent girls and also for expecting mothers.

The sessions were also conducted for youth & elderly population. An important aspect addressed in the camp was the Pathological examinations. The tests like Blood group examination, Hemoglobin level checkup, Hepatitis B, HIV+ and HB+ tests were conducted for all pregnant women.

Villagers also received benefit of ECG checkup which helped them to understand their heart status. Also the villagers were provided with complimentary medicament for Iron, Protein tablets & tonic, Health supplements etc.

Speaking about the initiative, Ajay Sevekari, Director, Bridgestone India expressed, “We are pleased to be a part of this Health Awareness and improvement campaign. It is key initiative organized by Bridgestone, to create awareness among the rural population. Villagers here, in Karanjvihire village do not have access to such Medical consultations and we have tried our level best to address some issues and contributed to their health improvement with the help of the specialists in the related fields, Govt. Medical officer and the Bridgestone team. The villagers in Karanjvihire were very co-operative during the campaign”.

The activity was aptly organised by the Bridgestone team and it proved to be successful in its objective to impart awareness and treat the rural population. Bridgestone India has been conducting regular health campaign for four years and would strengthen this initiative and contributes towards the betterment of the community.

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