Hopes high for Rubber Policy

By Sharad Matade

Interview with newly elected President of All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA), Mohinder GuptaMohinder-Gupta-President-AIRIA400

It has been quite some time since AIRIA has been aggressively pushing the National Rubber Policy. What’s the status?

Hard work is now paying off. Pursuant to our tireless efforts, we are being heard. To this effect, the Government has formed an ECFNRP (Executive Committee for National Rubber Policy) which has been entrusted the task of collecting relevant information from the industry stake holders and will be soon preparing a draft on the said policy. AIRIA has made extensive study with a professional body to gather information on rubber Industry in India. These findings have been shared with the Government of India. We are confident that these findings, along with related inputs from all stake holders, will go a long way in forming a policy document which will cater to the benefit of all concerned.

The Indian rubber industry is going through a challenging phase. While international and domestic SR producers are coming up in a big way, domestic NR producers are struggling to survive. What’s your opinion on this development?

It would not be appropriate to say that natural rubber producers are struggling to survive. What they are facing is the stiff price challenge from overseas natural rubber suppliers. The Government is taking appropriate measures to safeguard the interest of the domestic natural rubber producers by way of duty and anti-dumping measures. Further, even the FTAs with host of ASEAN countries need to be reviewed. On natural rubber as well as synthetic rubber front there is a wide gap between demand and supply. The deficit in NR volume is being supplemented by synthetic rubber. Seeing the immense potential of synthetic rubber requirement, manufacturers are naturally keen on putting up (or have put up) synthetic rubber manufacturing plants in India.

(Full Text in PTA Feb/March issue)


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