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MESNAC, Global technology for local solutions

Originating from Qingdao University of Science and Technology that specialises in rubber technology, MESNAC has been committed to the research and development of rubber and tire machinery since its establishment in 2000. As a company with a global vision, MESNAC takes full advantages of optimized resources in the globe and achieves a rapid and stable growth in the past few years.mesnac

A Global Footprint Rises Up

MESNAC has been recognised as the world second largest rubber machinery provider for three consecutive years based on the annual ranking list of European Rubber Journal. Its machines are well received by the world top tire manufacturers in America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and such widespread recognition is indispensable to MESNAC’s consistency with its globalization path.

In September 2009, MESNAC founded its first overseas Research and Technical Center (MERTC) in Slovakia; in December 2011, MESNAC acquired WYKO, leading precision engineering tooling provider; in August 2013, TMSI, an expert company in tire and automobile testing and measurement technology, joined MESNAC. With the establishment of MESNAC American Research and Technical Center (MARTC) last year in Akron, Ohio, a global distribution of MESNAC gradually takes shape.

In R&D, MESNAC attaches great importance to the construction and improvement of its research system. Its annual R&D budget represents over 6% of the company revenue and provides steady technical support to the sustainable development of MESNAC. MESNAC R&D facilities are widely located globally in China, Europe, US and UK. MESNAC Qingdao Research & Technical Center is responsible for the key product improvement and general technology transformation and application.MESNAC European Research & Technical Center (MERTC) takes TBM as its priority research and further expands to the TBM-related product chains.MESNAC American Research & Technical Center (MARTC) mainly directs to the R&D of software and automation control as well as the development of new products in pneumatic conveying, extruding, and testing.

(Full Text in PTA Feb/March issue)


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