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Future tyre rolls on SIT

Ideas are born as sparks in the mind. The spark dies off immediately, but not before pushing the idea into the orbit of innovative technologies that live long and drive growth and development. It was a similar flash of a spark that struck Frantisek Hrabal to turn his Czech-based CODA Development as the inventor of Self-Inflating Tire (SIT) technology and patent it. By now the technology has come of age and is set to revolutionise global tyre industry.

“Before we started our company CODA Development in Czech Republic, there was just an idea which came across my mind more or less by a chance. In a traffic jam I noticed a tyre deformation on a car driving next to mine and I thought to myself – ‘It’s an unused energy source, which perhaps can be utilized somehow.’ That was the initial spark which led to establishing an R&D company, which now holds 48 patents and patent applications for the Self-Inflating Tire (SIT) technology, Hrabal, CEO of CODA Development, told Polymers & Tyre Asia.

In the SIT system Hrabal used the simple principles of a peristaltic pump, which uses a process called peristalsis to typically pump various kinds of fluids. “Peristaltic pumps are known for over 100 years and are used in various industries such as medicine, chemistry, food manufacturing or construction. In fact our own gastrointestinal tract uses the same process. Peristaltic pumps are known for high reliability and low maintenance needs.”

The SIT system itself is very simple consisting only of two new tyre components – the peristaltic pump and an automatic pressure regulator, which turns the inflation on and off automatically as needed, he said.

PTA News Bureau

(Full Text in PTA Feb/March issue)

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