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To grab the attention of consumers, marketers are consistently devising newer ways of capturing the imagination of consumers through powerful advertisement campaigns. They invest in consumer surveys to evolve strategies that they hope will be fail-safe.tuckphoto300

One of the techniques that is widely used is ‘identity marketing’. It links brands to consumer identity. But new research by Dr Amit Bhattacharjee, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Marketing group at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, shows that this strategy should be used with caution as it could backfire.

The research study cautions marketers that they should not go overboard with identity marketing as it may have negative consequences.

It’s a fact that consumers generally would like to associate with brands that reflect how they see themselves. But Dr Bhattacharjee’s research, in collaboration with academics from New York University and the Wharton School, found that marketers who tried to push too hard would see the message getting ruined.

The message “crowds out a sense of ownership and turns consumers off,” the study showed. Researchers had surveyed participants from ages 18 to 79, and the finding was published in the Journal of Consumer Research this summer.

“More and more companies are positioning their brands to fit the identities of consumers. This is known as identity marketing or lifestyle marketing,” the professor pointed out.

Full text in PTA Dec/Jan issue

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