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The united front of FISITA and SIA International, which represent the world’s leading automobile engineers, is continually striving towards developing newer automotive technologies that are aimed at enhancing sustainable mobility.Murli-Iyer-300

The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Ingénieurs des Techniques de l’Automobile, founded in Paris in 1948, and SAE International that drives knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries, are committed to promoting mobility engineering for a better world.

It’s their agenda of growth that Murli M Iyer explained in an interview while reviewing the technological changes taking place in the automobile industry. He is also the Executive Advisor of Global Affairs of SAE International and Vice President-Americas of FISITA.

When asked about his perspective of the global automobile industry, Iyer in an interview enumerated a number of trends that would have a defining impact in the coming years. In the next five to ten years, he forecast some major trends emerging globally that would have a long-term effect on the automotive industry.

These are changing demographics (ageing population), growing urbanisation (shift of population from rural to urban areas), energy challenges and new solutions (traditional oil versus natural gas, fuel cell, hybrid technologies etc.), emerging markets of China, India, Russia etc., increasing governmental regulations on emission, fuels, safety etc.

He believes that automobile emission is a critical problem that needs quick solution because of climate change and threat to sustainability. “Such technologies should be part of an overall strategy that includes current-day technologies, as well,” said Iyer who is tasked to develop SAE’s strategic alliances with overseas partners and providing support and advice to SAE President and the Chief Executive Officer on strategic global issues.

“There needs to be a willingness for government and industry to work together when it comes to developing and potentially switching to new technologies,” he said referring to technological solutions with regard to low emission vehicles that are available but yet to be commercialised on a large scale.

Full Text in PTA Dec/Jan issue

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