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By PTA News Bureau

The journey that PK Mohamed began with Apollo Tyres from its nascent stage, still continues with as much passion and vigour that he had displayed at the beginning of his career almost four decades ago. He has had a ringside view of the metamorphosis that the Indian tyre industry has gone through. Now research engineers are working on eco-friendly tyres using cutting edge technologies.

“The Indian tyre industry has been smart in adopting and implementing the latest tyre technology trends,” Mohamed told Polymers & Tyre Asia. Over the past four decades, major technological changes have taken place in tyre design and production, from the conventional cross-ply tyres to steel-belted radials, all-steel radials, tubeless and tyres with low-aspect ratios to run-flat and puncture-resistant tyres etc.

Indian tyre manufacturers have gained the capabilities and know-how to design and manufacture a wide spectrum of tyres. Radial construction facilitated lower aspect structures for tyres and one may note that PCR tyres started with an aspect ratio of 80. Lower aspect structure, supported with steel belts and cap plies, enhances speed capability. This learning has helped tyre manufacturers to ably support the speed parameters required by the automobile industry.

“Today, we can see tyres with aspect ratio as low as 25,” Mohamed points out. But these tyres need good road conditions and improved vehicle design for the desired performance and thereby limiting their scope significantly at this moment in India.”

However, one can expect the demand for these tyres to go up with the improved road infrastructure and vehicle performance.

PTA News Bureau

(Full text in PTA October/ November issue)


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