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All of us agree that our society is on the cusp of radical and ground-breaking changes, particularly in areas such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and numerous other innovations. The CEOs are constantly being pushed out of their comfort zones into an exciting, yet frightening new world. It’s here that people like Frank J Pietrucha can help company executives   become good communicators to facilitate business growth. He’s been drawing from his experience ‘translating’ on behalf of the technology elite for over 20 years.Hardcover-Book-MockUp1-300

As a ‘supercommunicator’ he explains complicated ideas in a way that makes sense to non-specialists. In his best selling business book Supercommunicator: Explaining the Complicated So Anyone Can Understand, Pietrucha offers a timeless lesson about crafting clear messages that bring results. Realising the significance of a changing communication landscape, he has coined the term ‘supercommunicator’ to describe a new breed of forward-thinking professionals who can apply content development skills to communicate effectively.

In a world of high-tech industries that only a specialist can understand, CEOs need to realise that they need the help and assistance of people who are not specialists to push the company forward. Here Pietrucha’s definitive guide will help anyone deliver clear, persuasive messages that win hearts, minds, and budgets.

To get support of investors, regulators or the general public, one has to explain ideas in a way that is clear and meaningful. “Very often   the cause of CEO’s failure is attributed to his/her inability to convincingly communicate complex market issues to the board as well as the marketing teams to win their support to his programmes,” Pietrucha told Polymers & Tyre Asia. “This is a far bigger problem than most CEOs realise. You can have the best innovation, but what good is it if no one understands what it is or what it does?”


(Full text in PTA October/November issue)

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