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(Excerpts from interview with VIPAL President & CEO Arlindo Paludo) M300

Vipal has pioneered interesting products like ECO treads and VT 160 etc. How much is the company’s focus on technology development in terms of R&D, manpower expertise and investment?

One of the initiatives that demonstrate Vipal’s commitment to R&D is the Research and Technology Centre (Centro de Pesquisa e Tecnologia Vipal – CPT). The CPT is Vipal’s high-tech lab in Nova Prata where highly qualified and experienced chemists and engineers are engaged in advanced studies. CPT is divided into 8 units, comprising 13 laboratories set up to meet all the needs concerning homologation of new raw materials and consumables, improvement of products and procedures in addition to research and development of new products.

A great example of the company’s dedication to innovation is the new ECO treads line. Manufactured with special rubber compounds, the ECO treads allow reductions of fuel consumption up to 10 per cent. Major transport companies from Brazil and around the world are already using the ECO treads with meaningful results in fuel economy. An important case is that of a school bus company in North Carolina (USA) that registered a 10.1 per cent economy while using Vipal’s ECO treads.

Another exclusive Vipal product, already in use in the US and Mexico is the VL130 ECO tread. The tread was certified by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its SmartWay Transport project. This program encourages transport companies to use products that offer fuel economy and allow the reduction of gas emission into the atmosphere. It is the very first program, worldwide to regulate precured treads and thus Vipal becomes the pioneer in South America to achieve it.

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(Full text of interview in PTA October/November issue)

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