Goodyear to produce fuel- efficient tyres from rice husk

goodyear-logoGlobal tyre major Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has claimed that rice husk is helping the company to produce fuel-efficient tyres. The Akron-based company will utilise ash left over the burning of rice husk to produce electricity as an environmentally friendly source of silica for use in its tyres.
Silica is mixed with rubber in tyre treads to increase the rubber’s strength and helps reduce rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy. It also can have a positive impact on a tyre’s traction on wet surfaces.
Goodyear has tested silica derived from rice husk ash over the past two years at its Innovation Center here and found its impact on tire performance to be equal to traditional sources, said the company.
Now the company is negotiating with potential suppliers to purchase rice husk ash silica for use in its tyres.
“The use of rice husk ash will provide Goodyear an alternative source of silica while helping reduce the amount of rice husk waste being landfilled,” said Joseph Zekoski, Interim Chief Technical Officer. “This illustrates Goodyear’s commitment to innovation and to the environment.”

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