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As the largest producer of reclaimed rubber in Asia, GRP Ltd is continually striving to keep up its pioneering status as a company that is committed to sustainable growth and development. It achieves this through innovation and research in tyre recycling to produce reclaimed rubber. Established in 1974, GRP has since then steadily grown as a leading producer and exporter of reclaimed rubber from scrap of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber tubes, butyl tubes, and moulded rubber products.grp-impact-positive-logo

“We aspire to deliver high quality, recyclable and cost-effective products and solutions through the expansion of existing business and diversification into eco-friendly ventures, in the process conserving resources, attaining market leadership and generating substantial employment, Executive Director Harsh Gandhi told Polymers & Tyre Asia.

“To achieve the vision, we, at GRP continue to remain committed and invest in our core business of Reclaim Rubber (RR) and Custom Die-forms (CDF), by adding capacity at existing locations, but more importantly to invest in new technologies to improve the quality of RR and develop an automated process,” he said. The recent success with the Industrial Polymers (IP) business has given GRP the confidence to invest in growing capacity.

“The supply chain for GRP provides an enormous potential for growth, and we continue to engage with our partners to explore ways to leverage our reach and build businesses around it,” he explained.

To serve the rubber industry and the customers worldwide, GRP is actively scouting for diversification opportunities as a means to growth. In the past 40 years of its existence, the company has shown its propensity to embrace modern technology to deliver innovative products for the global tyre and rubber industry.

Like most companies, GRP is also facing a fiercely competitive global market, and it overcomes challenges because of the trust it enjoys with customers and deliver quality products that the market demands. “GRP’s journey so far has focused on building trust with different stakeholders of the company,” vows Gandhi. “Each action, big or small, taken by every member of the GRP family has helped in building this trust. It is through these conscious efforts that GRP has emerged today as a trustworthy entity, and it is what gives the organisation its reputation in the industry, not only in India but the world over. Achieving an enviable reputation is a process of accumulating stability and endurance.”

Going forward, the company feels that it needs to leverage these relationships with stakeholders and provide solutions to help customers fulfil their environmental obligations and also help them save costs through substituting the virgin rubbers.

Said Gandhi: “GRP works on what we call INFILOOP process, where we partner with customers to convert their waste to useable reclaim and also partner with companies for joint R&D to develop products based on customer needs.”

GRP’s growth has also been in part due to the excellent dealer network that tirelessly works to keep the company’s flag flying high in their respective territories. “We shall continue to appoint more such partners and nurture these relationships to grow our global reach,” he explained.

(Full Text in PTA Aug/Sep issue)

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