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Cognex: Machine vision leaders

Cognex is the world’s most trusted vision company, with over 1,000,000 systems installed in facilities around the world, and over 30 years of experience focused solely on machine vision and image-based industrial ID technology.

Cognex products are used by many of the world’s top manufacturers, suppliers and machine builders to ensure that the products that are being made meet the stringent quality requirement for each industry.

Cognex vision technology helps companies improve their manufacturing quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking and capturing information at every stage of the production process. Smarter automation using Cognex vision and ID systems means fewer production errors, which equates to lower manufacturing costs and higher customer satisfaction. Cognex offers the widest range of solutions to meet every application.

Automotive industry

The manufacturing processes for building virtually every system and component within an automobile have benefited from the use of machine vision. As manufacturers continue to confront increased margin pressure in the coming years, they will look for new ways to lower their costs while installing production lines that are more flexible and reliable than ever before.

Shorter lead times, increased part identification complexity, tighter tooling budgets, and the drive toward zero defects demand highly capable and flexible vision and ID tools for auto makers and the suppliers, machine builders and systems integrators that serve them.

Breakthrough Cognex technologies offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability to improve quality and prevent defects; achieve compliance with new traceability requirements and reduce waste, increase yield and boost productivity

Many vision applications in the automotive industry are for quality inspections because everyone is driving towards a zero tolerance for defects. There is no room for error in safety-critical automotive components because if a part is defective or missing a crash could occur and someone could be injured or killed. Because most consumers expect air bags and anti-lock braking systems to be standard on vehicles today, automotive manufacturers must double and triple check all safety-critical components to ensure quality and decrease warranty costs and recall liability.

The primary goal of many vision and auto ID systems is to increase productivity and process yield. Machine vision can be used to find a part, take a measurement, and make an inspection while the product is being manufactured.

Part identification enables flexible manufacturing and traceability for product genealogy, warranty, etc. Vision and ID systems provide a tremendous amount of process data for continuous process improvement.

Cost reduction

Machine vision technology also helps reduce manufacturing costs and optimise processes. By networking vision systems throughout production to catch defects at the source and potentially prevent errors altogether, manufacturers can minimise scrap and costly rework.

Ethernet provides higher-level computing systems access to plant floor data and allows intelligent control devices such as vision systems and ID readers to share information for tasks such as managing inventory, automating production line changeovers, and eliminating waste—all of which reduce costs.

Scalability, low cost, and easy deployment enable manufacturers to incorporate machine vision systems and industrial ID as part of the production process itself in order to catch and correct assembly errors before scrap is made, or reject flawed parts before adding value by further processing.

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