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PNEUFORM: Tailor-made products

Regulations of tyres and tyre labeling pose many challenges to tyre manufacturers but also imply new opportunities. There are one-fits-all standard products and solutions but under current competitive conditions tailor-made products blaze a new trail.

“Before selling a tyre mould, container or other products and services we grasp conditions under which our products shall operate, current state of curing technology, compounds used, standard span between curing and cleaning cycles, but mainly achieved tyre quiality in all aspects as well as tyre quality desired,“ says Jan Bambuch jr., PNEUFORM´s Sales Senior Manager.

For the most demanding application and conditions PNEUFORM finalised tests of two products that are commercialised now.

PNEUFORM DSS (disc spring) containers newly accommodates PCR mould sectors. “There is a flexible fit between a container and a TOP curing machine bolster plate was introduced and thus completely altered up to now common container design.

“There are sets of springs that compensate inaccuracy and technical defeciencies of a curing machine or a mould,“ explained Bambuch. Flexible connections eliminated the formation of mould gaps between sectors, deformation and damage of all container and sliding parts thus keeping all moulds faces as new.

“We close moulds in containers instead of clamping them inside since force generated by actuated springs is precisely calculated as well as force distribution during the stretch of time. Multiple quantity of tyres without flash may be cured using the DSS PNEUFORM containers,“emphasised Bambuch.

PNEUFORM moulds are diversified by coating from now. “We offer a unique solution, a bi-metalic coating that is chemically tied to gether to mould sectors and sipes and prevents from rubber sticking, darkening and reduces demoulding forces“ he aded.

Extensive tests

“Continual optimisation of the coating process guided our customers to four times higher quantity of summer tyres produced without an offline cleaning and three times in case of winter tyres. Notably in one case our customer cured twelve thousand winter tyres with 3D sipes and vents without offline cleaning required,“ added Bambuch

The coating proces is unique since unlike other coatings, we may flexibly design and create 0,004 – 0,40 mm high durable coating layer. All coating may be repaired and repeatedly used on a neither new or an existing mould. Micro hardness of coating secures high durability. Tests proved that 3 per cent -5 per cent coating layer is lost by sanding.

Tyre makers develop a taste for diversified products besides the standard. We believe they are not interested in moulds or containers but in tyres of best attainable quality manufactured under current conditions specific to each tyre factory, and there are new tools to do this job, literally speaking, Bambuch said.


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