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Bill Jones

Strategically executed acquisitions have strengthened MESNAC’s global resources, which, when integrated into its own core operations, optimised the quality of its products and sharpened its competitive edge, says Zheng Jiangjia, Executive Vice President, MESNAC

After the acquisition of WYKO and TMSI, how will you integrate their advantages to MESNAC and achieve collaborative development?

In December 2011, MESNAC acquired WYKO, which has a 50-year history of supplying to the global tyre industry. It specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality tooling supplied to the world’s top tyre manufacturing companies.

WYKO’s tooling products are known for dimensional stability, longevity and innovative design, which provides the customer with high levels of tyre uniformity and quick size changeover capability. WYKO has a global customer base and its tooling is designed to operate in a wide spectrum of tyre building machines and processes. Its manufacturing base is located in Greenback, Tennessee, with design support in Dudley, UK, Qingdao, China, and Greenback USA.

In order to integrate the advantageous resources of WYKO USA, WYKO UK and Qingdao Drum Division, MESNAC has strategically set up the MESNAC Tooling Division (MTD) by combining those three divisions. MTD has been established from a position of strength as it already has a comprehensive portfolio of patented and proven tooling solutions. WYKO’s 1st and 2nd stage tooling, single stage tooling and bespoke and advanced solutions are globally recognised as being unrivalled in the key areas of accuracy, productivity and range, thus making this equipment the natural first choice for OE and upgrade fitment.

MESNAC single stage tooling has been developed manufactured and installed into the MESNAC range of tyre building machines and has helped this machine product range attain global reputation for quality, performance and reliability. Given this very strong starting point MTD will now embrace and utilise its combined global resources to develop the next generation of advanced tooling.

TMSI expertise

MESNAC acquired Test Measurement Systems, Inc. (TMSI) in August 2013. It was founded in 1991 as Test Measurement Systems Incorporated and headquartered in Akron Ohio, USA – the Rubber City. TMSI focuses on close


Wamg Zhiming

coordination with clients to provide them with optimal solutions to their testing needs. Global tyre giants have long depended on TMSI technology to deliver insights into their own products and processes (and to keep an eye on their competitors!). TMSI does this by understanding the tyre.

TMSI’s familiarity with tyre mechanics has also given them particular insights into the technologies of tyre testing. From the particular transducers chosen to make individual measurements to the analog amplification systems employed in each system to the digitisation of measurement signals and the digital analysis of those digitised signals, TMSI has always been at the forefront of developing test and measurement systems that are accurate, repeatable, robust, and above all that are designed around the idea that customers need more than simply machines—they need well thought out testing solutions that will help them make decisions about their products that will affect the future of their companies.

After the acquisition, TMSI and MESNAC Testing Divisions have held regular trainings and effective communications to exchange their ideas and complement each other’s advantages. The integration of two parties will be focused on marketing resources, production collaboration and technology improvement. They will work together to research and manufacture the world-class tyre testing machines to meet the demands of global tyre customers.

Please give us an overview of MESNAC Indian Team.

In India, MESNAC has further expanded its team structure that is able to provide more comprehensive service solutions for customers. This formidable team led by Bill Jones and Wang Zhiming consists of four sales engineers, two after-service engineers, one sale assistant and one spare part support engineer. MESNAC believes its customers desire localized service and reliable products, which is exactly what MESNAC aims to deliver.

By PTA News Bureau

(Full text of interview in February-march 2014 issue of PTA)



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