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MESNAC: Advanced technology for global market

MESNAC: Advanced technology for global market

By PTA News Bureau

Since 2011, Qingdao-based MESNAC has been ranked among the top two in the list of world rubber machinery suppliers published by European Rubber Journal. It has become an integrated solution supplier capable of providing a whole package of machineries to tyre manufacturers. With MESNAC products well received by the world’s top tyre manufacturers in America, Asia, Europe and Africa, such global recognition is indispensible to MESNAC’s consistency with its globalization path.

Since 2009 when MESNAC hammered out its strategy of globalisation, it has expanded its vision beyond China – from founding its first overseas R&D center in Slovakia in 2009 to its acquisition of Test & Measurement System Incorporation (TMSI) in 2013 and the establishment of the MESNAC American Research and Technical Center (MARTC) in Akron, Ohio, also in 2013. The acceleration of the pace of its globalisation pace has been based on its position in the global market.

However, “to be an international company does not simply mean acquiring overseas companies. MESNAC should plan out a global distribution in R&D, Sales & Marketing and manufacturing, and build a global service team. To be an international company, it requires us to always keep the quality and reliability in mind to provide the best customised solutions for global customers,” said by Zheng Jiangjia, Executive Vice President.

MESNAC has attached great importance to the establishment and improvement of its R&D system. The annual R&D budget represents over 6 per cent of the company revenue, which provides steady technical support to the sustainable development of MESNAC.

MESNAC Research Ins titute

MESNAC Research Institute is committed to the research and innovation of rubber and tyre equipment with a mission to provide high-value solutions for the whole tyre production line and promote the development of tyre industry. In order to get closer to the customers in different continents, MESNAC has established a globally distributed R&D network to realise a world research footprint. The company’s worldwide R&D network includes the Qingdao Research & Technical Center, MESNAC European Research & Technical Center (MERTC), MESNAC American Research & Technical Center (MARTC), MESNAC Beijing Research & Technical Office and MESNAC UK Research & Technical Office.

 MESNAC Qingdao Research & Technical Center (PIC)


The MESNAC Qingdao Research & Technical Center is responsible for the improvement of key product technologies and transformation application of general technologies. It mainly covers R&D of material conveying and dosing products, mixing products, extruder calendering products, curing press, tyre building machine, and testing equipment.

 MESNAC American Research & Technical Center (MARTC) (PIC)

The MESNAC American Research & Technical Center (MARTC) was founded on Nov. 1, 2013, in Akron Ohio. MARTC plays a key role in serving the need of American customers. Its research mainly directs to the R&D of software and automation control as well as the development of new products in pneumatic conveying, extruding, and testing. Currently, MARTC consists of 10 senior researchers.

 MESNAC European Research & Technical Center (MERTC) (PIC)

In September 2009, the MESNAC European Research & Technical Center (MERTC) was founded in Slovakia. Focusing on the research of tyre building equipment, MERTC serves the need of European customers. It takes TBM as its priority research and further expands to the TBM-related product chains. Currently, MERTC consists of 10 researchers. It is top-level TBM research team with European experts playing a key role.

MERTC team consists of sales managers, sale engineers, machine designers, production and service managers, as well as fitters ¬- all of them with long years of experience in the industry. First R&D products of MERTC are new generation of tyre building machines for passenger tyres P-PRO (unistage) and Twin-PRO (two stages), as well as for all steel truck tyres T-PRO. Those new generation of TBM started to be very popular among MESNAC customers, including customers from top 10 world tyre producers.

(Full Text in PTA February-March 2014 issue)


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