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Ferrari joins hybrid league with LaFerrari

ferrariFerrari is going hybrid, joining a league of sports-car aces that are fielding hybrid brands. The Italian superstar has named the two-seater LaFerrari, which runs on a blend of electricity and internal combustion. The carbon-fiber body takes clues from Ferrari’s F1 cars and its underside is debris-resistant. LeFerrari could be one of the most exciting hybrid super cars.
The car weighs around 2200 pounds and runs on a 6.3-litre V-12 to produce 789 horsepower. An electric motor delivering an extra 161 horses pushes the combined output to around 950 horsepower, more powerful than Porche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 – two other hybrid supercars.
The seat structure is part of the chassis, lowering weight and ensuring a more compact architecture and a lower centre of gravity. This guarantees significant improvement in performance characteristics over the chassis of the Enzo Ferrari, with torsional rigidity increased by 27 per cent and beam stiffness up by 22 per cent, while weight has dropped by 20 per cent.
Aerodynamics play an essential role in the LaFerrari’s exceptional performance and are further example of the uncompromising carry-over of F1 technology to Ferrari’s production models. The front wing is designed specifically to increase downforce by eliminating the negative effects of pitch sensitivity caused by the pronounced splitters. A broad central air vent on the front bonnet channels hot air away from the radiator.
The LaFerrari is the first Ferrari to integrate the dynamic control systems with active aerodynamics and the hybrid system. Proprietary Ferrari algorithms govern all the systems so that the car can reach the most extreme limits of performance, aerodynamic efficiency and handling without any form of compromise in any area, the company claims.

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