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Michelin presents extra grip technology

Michelin is introducing a new tyre design technology that it claims will enhance its grip, allowing it to guarantee 60,000 miles. The new tyre will hit the North American roads in April, the company said.

The technology involves the use of a new compound called Evergrip, which contains high volumes of silica and sunflower oil, Michelin said. The new tyres also use a new design which allows the grip of tyres to improve as they wear, media reports said. As the tyre grooves wear down the design means it gets wider, rather than the narrowing performance of current tyres.

Michelin said that EverGrip technology enhances drivers’ safety. “The new tires represents a significant breakthrough in automotive safety,” The Detroit News quoted Scott Clark, Chief Operating Officer, Michelin North America, as saying.

“With our truly revolutionary advancements in tire technology, we are able to directly address the effects of tire wear on traction and have been able to break the traditional paradigm,” Clark said.

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