GRI: Solid All the Way To The Top

GRI: Solid All the Way To The Top

Prabhash Subasinghe CEO, Global Rubber Industries

Sri Lanka is the largest manufacturer of high-quality solid rubber tyres in the world and exports over $400 million worth of solid tyres annually. This provided the right launching pad for Global Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd, which was established in 2001. In just over a decade, GRI has created an exclusive high-value niche in the industrial tyre segment that few competitors can challenge.

A proven track record for world class quality, delivery and innovation has taken its brands to the top of customer choice. This is the foundation on which GRI’s vision for the future is defined – a vision that places it right on top of global competition.

“Our vision is to be the largest producer of industrial tyres in the world and to passionately support the material handling industry through world class product quality, delivery and innovation,” says Prabhash Subasinghe, CEO of GRI.

“We have invested significantly in sales and marketing as well as distribution in different parts of the world and simultaneously enhanced our dealer network. We have also established a progressive quality management system that ensures our products are of supreme quality. Our state of the art factory in Sri Lanka employs the latest technology and the highest quality norms to produce some the finest solid tires in the industry,” Subasinghe told Polymers & Tyre Asia in an interview.

GRI manufactures Solid Rubber and Press on Band Tyres. The company owns and operates a production facility of over 175,000 Sq Ft with a rated capacity to manufacture 1200 tonnes of product per month. Its product range includes industrial solid tyres in clip on, antistatic and non-marking options and Press on Band varieties meeting international standards. Among its highly popular brands are Globestar, The Performer, Utimate XT and Peakmaster.

Expanding portfolio

The global market for industrial tyres is fiercely competitive because of the increasing focus on the sector that is close to national economic development. This calls for carefully laid out strategies to sustain a competitive edge. Expanding product portfolio gets top priority in GRI’s strategic plans. Developing products that suit various market segments and price levels is a key element in its growth.

Subasinghe said: “We have introduced Premium, Standard, and Value products into the market in order to be competitive with the best in the world. We have also invested in distribution centers in the US, France, UK, the Netherlands and Germany. With our own in-house distribution centers we have direct access to the market. By adding production capacity, developing a diversified and compelling product portfolio, and strengthening relationships with our closest business partners we have been able to sustain growth with great hope for the future.”

GRI also helps the small rubber suppliers who bring even the smallest quantities. Further, GRI directly interacts with small holders and advises them on methods of producing high quality smoked sheets, which in turn help them to develop their capabilities and meet our quality expectations.

The tyre industry is passing through highly volatile times across the world. This is a challenge every company has to deal with in its own way. Subasinghe said: “We see many challenges when building a business. Foremost we need to be a LEAN enterprise. We have embarked on this journey and believe that being a LEAN organisation will help us address most of the challenges faced by a manufacturer. Furthermore we have invested substantially in Research and Development. We believe innovation through R&D as well as continuous process improvement, both in business and in production, is a key to face any challenge at present and in the future. We will relentlessly push the boundaries of technology advancement.”

By Yugantha Piyadasa

Full text in PTA December-January issue

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