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Coolest truck, literally!

Ice truck

Ice truck

It was the coolest when it was there and then it melted away. That is the short, but big history of the ice truck made by Canadian Tire, the Zurich, Ontario-based company (Photo courtesy:

The car battery makers wanted to show that their batteries could withstand extreme cold. So they got a 2005 GMC Silverado truck, stripped the body from it, fitted a steel frame and hired ice sculptors to chisel out a frozen frame around a regular chassis. Then they put on one of their batteries. The ice truck was born.

They then started the engine and drove the truck for about a mile at a speed of 12 mph. And then, slowly the 11,000-pound truck melted away!

“It was probably one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever done,” Toronto Sun quoted Iceculture’s Heidi Bayley as saying. The first ever self-propelled ice wonder could end up in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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