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Category: Limelight

HF targets China market

Since its launch in 1998, the Rubber Tech Shanghai Exhibition has become the largest official exhibition for rubber technology in China. More than 15.000 visitors from 66 countries have since then visited the fair – the...

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Uzer Makina, Turkey’s premier tyre curing press and curing mould manufacturer, has focused on tyre curing processes, including tyre curing presses, container mechanisms, and tyre curing molds and bladder molds, for the past 35...

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Cognex: Machine vision leaders

Cognex is the world’s most trusted vision company, with over 1,000,000 systems installed in facilities around the world, and over 30 years of experience focused solely on machine vision and image-based industrial ID technology....

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Altracon OD-LDT, HD-LDT: New concepts

Altracon, leading manufacturer of linear friction testing equipment, has introduced two of its latest concepts – one for dynamic footprint measurement and the other for linear dynamic footprint measurement. The Altracon...

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YXLON: Quality solutions

As the direct successor to Philips, the roots of YXLON International go back to CHF Müller, the manufacturer of the first X-ray tube, and to WC Röntgen, the man who discovered X-rays in 1895. Today the company views itself as a...

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PNEUFORM: Tailor-made products

Regulations of tyres and tyre labeling pose many challenges to tyre manufacturers but also imply new opportunities. There are one-fits-all standard products and solutions but under current competitive conditions tailor-made...

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