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Author: Rosy John

Chasing the Magic Triangle

By TA News Bureau: A specialist in materials research and application development in tyre and rubber, Dr Ping Zhang’s area of interest covers a whole range of elastomers. As the Lead Scientist at the Boston-based Cabot Corporation, he has been an innovator in reinforcement rubber and is currently involved in research in improving wear resistance, enhanced traction and reduced rolling resistance/increased vehicle fuel efficiency technology. In this interview to Tyre Asia, he shares his research experience and explains his views on rolling resistance and other related issues to enhance fuel efficiency by developing reinforcement materials that Cabot has been...

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Collective insanity; Doing the same thing and expecting different result

By Adam Gosling*: A study had evidenced that in excess of 60% of the sample had tyres that were under-inflated when compared to the vehicle manufacturers minimum inflation requirement. The subsequent study confirmed the prior evidence, more than one in every two cars was unsafe from a tyre’s perspective   If someone was to offer your business an increased income, with reduced effort and less hazard, would you refuse? Many people do. Why? When an offer of reduced fuel consumption is made most people’s eyes light up. For a transport company a cost reduction of 1 – 3% is...

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By TA News Bureau: As research scientist with the Guangdong (China)-based Wanli Tire Co and Vice President of Vanlead Rubber & Tire Research Institute, Dr Xiaoguang Yang is leveraging current research to enhance corporate competitiveness. He has several years of professional research and technical management experience in tyre and vehicle performance testing, analysis, modelling and simulation. In this interview to Tyre Asia, Dr Xiaoguang, who has a PhD from Birmingham University, speaks on a wide range of tyre-related questions, including development of tyres as sensors. Excerpts Why is that the rolling deformation of tyre is a direct result of...

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Managing Innovation

By TA News Bureau: A researcher in innovation and technological change, Dr Jane Bourke says CEOs should strive for innovation success by simultaneously adopting advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) rather than pursuing an incremental implementation approach. In the hyper-competitive business world of today, it is important that CEOs should be cognisant of the value of successfully acquiring and managing technologies. Investing in innovation activity will help the firm to expand and strengthen not only its knowledge base but also turn the enterprise competitive, she says in an interview to Tyre Asia. R&D investment and engaging with external knowledge sources have...

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By TA News Bureau : The Massachusetts-based Safety Research & Strategies (SRS) provides research, investigation, analysis and advocacy on safety matters, particularly in motor vehicle issues. SRS President Sean Kane, who formerly worked for Ralph Nader’s safety organization, has given technical support before courts in many cases of safety breaches. He heads a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who work on fact-based research and analysis on injuries associated with product hazards ranging from motor vehicle to consumer and industrial products to medical devices. In an interview to Tyre Asia the well-known safety analyst, whose work was instrumental in the recall of...

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