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Author: Rosy John


By TA News Bureau : Recycling of end-of-life tyres is catching up the world over. Many innovative technologies are being developed for the environment-friendly use of waste tyres as alternative raw materials. From tyre-derived fuel to moulded rubber products, ELTs are finding new uses such as in civil engineering applications, agricultural and recreational uses. Dr Davide Lo Presti of Nottingham University is a research pioneer in tyre recycling who has done extensive studies on using ELTs in rubber-modified asphalts. In an interview to Tyre Asia, he explains his research in recycled tyre rubber modified bitumen (RTR-MBs) to enhance performance...

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BKT covers entire Off Highway tyre market

BKT, the India-based global leader in OTR tyres, owes its frontline position in the market to its remarkable range of products catering to all segments of the Off Highway tyre industry. The products are specifically designed for vehicles operating in the agricultural, industrial and OTR sector. The company, engaged on a daily basis in the Research and Development of new solutions, has been able to meet users’ needs, designing specialised tyres that make operations both productive and comfortable. High load capacity, excellent stability and outstanding traction are basic characteristics for this application. Tire flotation is just as important, which...

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Measuring Performance Differences

By TA News Bureau: At VTI, the internationally renowned Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Mattias Hjort is a top researcher who is recognised as a world leader in many groundbreaking works on vehicle-road interaction. He is responsible for some of the world’s most advanced equipment for tyre friction measurements. Currently he is working closely with VTI´s world-class driving simulator, leading projects that range from vehicle dynamics assessments to pure behavioural sciences. In this interview to Tyre Asia, he elaborates on some of the cutting-edge technologies and new methodologies for carrying out and analysing a large number of...

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Nowadays the design product development is not enough to achieve and maintain a market leadership and innovation high level, mostly within the machinery area: there are many aspects that contribute to a manufacturing process flow so that it is more and more mandatory to apply a concurrent engineering approach. The Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) topics are becoming more and more top priority into the industry agenda, because of the development of data management and networking technology: the traditional product development for a machinery manufacturer becomes so a really multidisciplinary system integration, that is a fusion in...

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Automation for higher quality

By Raghav Varma: Automation by means of robotization and vision systems greatly reduces human involvement and guarantees a more consistent product quality and secured output, says Harm Voortman, CEO of VMI Group, the company that has pole position in innovative machine making industry What are the trends that VMI is witnessing in the tyre machinery building globally? Within the global tyre manufacturing industry we basically see the following trends. There is a continuous need for further automation given the increasing labor cost and difficulties in finding skilled and knowledgeable workers. This drives the need to take out the influence...

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