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Author: Rosy John

People Capital

By K S Nayar: At an international tyre industry exhibition, a rubber technologist with a major tyre manufacturer told me about the culture of secrecy surrounding product development. Even the CEO is barred from visiting the smelly rubber compounding section unless he gets in-house security clearance. The chief compounder and R&D head are provided with 24/7 security. The scene evoked images of Fort Knox, the US Bullion Depository Building. I admit It is a hyperbole of exaggerated security at top tyre companies. But there is no denying the fact that tyre makers jealously guard their compounding formulae and tyre...

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Papa Don’t Preach… Engage

Having worked on spreading awareness on tyre safety for years as a part of collective good corporate citizenry of tyre industry in India, it is gratifying to note that world at large is taking notice. People and organizations are reaching out to ATMA for campaigns on tyre safety or are reciprocating actively to such proposals made, a far cry from the days of yore when tyre safety as a concept was considered alien. After successful campaigns at different campuses of Infosys Technologies, Honda Cars and India Rubber Expo in the year gone by, more organizations are coming forward. What...

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Fiat Cronos for Americas

Fiat has revealed its all-new Cronos small sedan, which will initially launched in the American markets, including Brazil. It is expected to be launched in early 2018. The Cronos will be a rival to the paopular range of cars like Honda City, the Hyundai Verna and the soon-to-be-launched Polo-based VW Virtus. The Cronos sedan and the hatchback will have the same headlight styling. The grille is completely different with a smaller mesh design and thicker surrounds. Also, the front bumper is unique to the sedan with a wider air intake design and high-set fog lamp housings. The sedan tail-lamps are long wraparound with LED inserts. The trunk has a stylish design touch, which looks like an integrated rear spoiler. The rear bumper is large and comes with a black plastic insert. Fiat says the Cronos sedan will have more boot space than one of its direct rivals, the recently revealed Volkswagen Virtus sedan. The Cronos comes with a 109hp, 1.3-litre petrol and a 139hp, 1.8-litre flex-fuel engine, with the former being mated to a five-speed manual and the latter also getting the option of a six-speed automatic...

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Tyre Geometry Measurement at highest level

Tyre uniformity grading is standard practice today and machines are available to measure and grade 100% of tyres in production. Mass and stiffness variations on a tyre circumference cause radial and lateral force deviations which can be measured and graded. The geometrical inspection of a tyre is now also becoming an important test and a run-out analyses is being increasingly recommended by many of the known OEMs. Radial and lateral run-out is the geometric variations in the tyre tread and sidewalls with respect to the nominal values. Test systems made by inmess offer a wide variety of testing procedures...

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Finding the Right Compound

By TA News Bureau: As rubber and tyre technologists race to discover the perfect rubber compound to make fuel-saving green tyre formulations, Dr Siti Salina Sarkawi is quietly working in her lab to find the most eco-friendly substance to achieve this goal. She is presently the programme head of ‘Silica Dispersion Technology for Green Tyres’ under Technology & Engineering Division of the Malaysian Rubber Board. Her current projects are Application of Ekoprena for Environmentally Friendly Retreaded Tyres and Passenger Car Tyres. In an interview to Tyre Asia, the research scientist whose expertise includes silica technology, green tyre, epoxidized natural...

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