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Author: Rosy John


By Sharad Matade The growing mountains of end-of-life tyres (ELT) are a major issue that is negatively impacting the environment globally. Worldwide, the rubber industry is seeking possible economical and eco-friendly recycling options to get rid of waste tyres. Some new processes and improvements in existing recycling processes are being brought in to expand the range of recycled rubber applications. According Dr Wilma Dierkes, Associate Professor of Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE) group at the University of Twente, the devulcanization process is the most competitive and eco-friendly way to recycle used tyres for use in various high-end applications.  ...

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3D Smart Sensors: Advantages of high-speed,high-sensitivity rubber and tyre inspection

Automated quality control in the rubber and tyre (R&T) industry requires a 3D machine vision solution with specialised features and capabilities. This is because R&T applications involve scanning low-contrast, dark materials with complex geometry at very high speed––something that can only be achieved using robust 3D sensor technology. Limitations of 2D System engineers often turn to 2D machine vision sensors to solve their scanning challenges. Unfortunately, 2D on its own cannot provide an adequate solution. For one, 2D sensors require complex lighting to see the black on black contrast. In some applications the lighting is placed underneath the material...

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By TA News Bureau: A tyre that will never go flat would naturally raise scepticism among all the top global companies that are announcing off and on successful development of non-pneumatic tyres. While motoring enthusiasts eagerly wait to pick up a set of tyres that will outlast their vehicles, Morris Corn, President of Scitech industries and Turf Tech, has a vision to produce a tyre that is virtually indestructible. His unique airless tyre, unlike other claims, does not require any special rims. From cars, trucks, golf carts to bicycles, his non-pneumatic tyre could be fitted on existing rims. Moreover, his...

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By KS Nayar: Indian politicians are busy milking the cow for personal gains. They expect that raising the noise against cow slaughter may bring in votes from the radical right who worship cow as mother. I’m not enamoured by the slogans. I would rather look at the contribution the cow makes to the economy. That statistics looks pretty good. India produces milk that is more than the combined production of all countries of the European Union. India has been in the top league of milk producers since 1997. Its 75 million dairy farms – more than anywhere else in...

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First things first

By Rajiv Budhraja: A recent development made India Inc. to sit up and take notice. The new Minister of Commerce & Industry Suresh Prabhu plans to seek an investment pledge from Indian companies regarding their assured investments over the next few years. Laudable as it is, the step also points to the anxiety on the part of the Government to put the economy back on track. Yet again, it has been proved that India is no longer the fastest growing economy in the world. The first quarter numbers for current fiscal have come as a rude shock. Gross Domestic...

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