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Author: Rosy John

Open Interest as regulatory, strategy tool in commodity market

By Anil Mishra( MD & CEO, National Multi Commodity Exchange) : In commodity derivatives market Open Interest is very important information which is used by the Regulators like Sebi as tool to regulate the derivatives market from being squeezed or manipulated. It is also a tool which smart market participants use to gauge the market behavior and analyze the future trend of the price and supply of the commodity. First we shall discuss the Open Interest as strategy tool for the market participants. Open Interest is the total number of open futures contracts of a commodity for a particular...

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TA News Bureau : Tesla founder Elon Musk has hailed India’s plans to sell only electric cars by 2030. He was responding to a tweet by Anand Mahindra, Chairman and Managing Director of the $7 bn Mumbai-based multinational conglomerate. They were commenting on the launch in Nagpur – the third largest city in Maharashtra – India’s first fleet of electric vehicles, including taxis, buses, and e- rickshaws. The electric mass mobility ecosystem became operational late May with 100 e2o Plus, Mahindra’s electric car. Home-grown taxi aggregator OLA has invested Rs 500 million on the cars and the 50 plus...

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Hyosung: Focus on quality performance

Since its launch in 1966, Hyosung Corporation has been playing a leading role in Korea’s economic growth, and has been a history of challenges and achievements in a variety of fields including textiles, industrial materials, chemicals, heavy industry, construction, trade and information and communications. In 2016, despite the difficult economic conditions of the domestic economy and the slow growth of the global economy, the company achieved record-high performance through customer-oriented management activities and global competitiveness. Not content with these economic achievements, Hyosung strives to adhere to international initiatives and fulfill the mission of Hyosung Way, which is to ‘lead...

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Relaxed extrusion: A very important for high process capability

Since the introduction of tire labeling in Europe, and many other countries of the world, it is very easy to recognize the various aspects of the quality of a tire. Noise generation, rolling resistance and the wet skid of a tire can be influenced by the tread construction and by the compounds which are applied in the tread. To fulfill the requirements tread constructions may contain 5 or even 6 different compounds. Each compound is prepared by its own extruder in a tread extrusion line. It means that 5 (even 6) extruders are mounted into the same co-extrusion head....

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Pukhraj Committed to product innovation

Pukhraj Additives LLP is India’s largest producer of processing aid offering innovative products in the field of Specialty chemicals and additives. Based on a profound understanding of diverse industrial requirements, the company has empowered its clients with customized products based on their specific requirements. Its exceptional product quality is equally matched with excellence in problem solving capabilities and technical customer service. Today, Pukhraj Additives is reaching to the lives of millions, everyday. It is a multi-product company catering to a cross section of industry across the globe. With the best manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art R&D center, the tyre industry...

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