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Author: ranjit

Carbon Black shortage leading to tyre plants shutdown

19 Feb — The crunch in domestic availability of Carbon Black has reached such an extent that that several domestic tyre companies have been forced to take unplanned shutdowns in the recent past for want of this essential raw-material, Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) has stated in a representation to Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The industry body has asked for facilitating easy import of the raw material to ride out the difficult phase having an adverse impact on tyre production in the country. According to ATMA, factors that have led to the domestic deficit in Carbon Black taking...

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Tyre Asia

October- November 2017 How the Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Company in China became the ‘New Dark Horse’ in the country’s tyre industry in a short span of time is a story curious enough to know. Read the Shandong Fengyuan story in the latest issue of Tyre Asia. The special Retread Supplement in the issue highlights the urgent need to spread awareness more widely and strongly about the great benefits retreading industry offers. Grab the latest issue of Tyre Asia to stay updated about the tyre industry...

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Retreading the Asian Scene

The first Asian Retread Conference (ARC 2016) cannot be better timed or better placed than now. This is for no reason other than the fact that Asia plays a vital role in the global retreading industry, throwing up a challenge many companies are trying to overcome. The current economic scenario and the way Asian infrastructural developments are happening, Asia remains one of the most potent market for tyre retreading industry. At the same time, ironically, the import of cheap Asian tyres is posing a threat to the retreading industry in the matter of pricing. One of the biggest issues...

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LRR Tyres for green future

Tyre industry plays a significant role in environment protection, thanks to increasing number of regulations as well as rising competition from within the industry. Minimising impact on environment is no more an option. One of the ways the industry is doing its part is by helping to improve vehicle fuel economy and decrease emissions through lower rolling resistance of tyres There is no doubt that consumers are willing to pay premium for tyres with more features, such as longer warranty. I am also sure that tyre manufacturers perform life cycle analyses for their product offerings, taking into account production + sales + service costs, customers’ ownership costs and tyre end-of-life considerations – such as environmental impact. Globally, billions of scrap tyres are generated every year. Fortunately, more than 90% of scrap tyres are used up, both in recycling and other beneficial uses, and less than 10% are estimated to end up in landfills. Tyre industry is doing its part, due to competitive as well as regulatory reasons, to minimise environmental impact. One of the ways the industry is doing its part is by helping to improve vehicle fuel economy and decrease emissions through lower rolling resistance of tyres. From Newton’s second law of motion, when a vehicle is coasting on a uniform road gradient and surface, factors affecting motion are rolling resistance, air resistance, and the pavement gradient angle....

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Deva passes away

R C Devakumar, 51, Head Marketing, AutoParts Asia (APA) passed away due to massive cardiac arrest on Monday ( October 2, 2017 ) morning. He hails from Muthaloor in Thiruvannamalai district in Tamil Nadu, India. Deva, as he was popularly called, was instrumental in making AutoParts Asia a big success in a very short span of time. He is well known for his acumen in marketing and taking up challenges at ease. A dedicated staff, he is a thorough professional knowing well the nuances of the publishing industry. He is survived by his wife Malathy, a school teacher and...

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