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Zenises launches new advertising campaign

Zenises launches new advertising campaign

Zenises has launched new creative ‘Disruptive Thinking’ advertising campaign in 2017. The company will roll out a variety of abstract creative artworks over the coming months which are designed to provoke the audience into thinking more deeply of how to engage with the business of tomorrow. It’s a brand image designed to be faithful to the forward-
thinking philosophy of the Zenises Group and a tribute to creativity, innovation and bold decision-making. The campaign has been many months in concept and preparation with hundreds of designs pared down in order to distil the essence of each of Zenises’ business units.

“We didn’t want just to define our offering by a tyre and a typical background depicting a race circuit or mountain road. That’s quite a lazy ‘product’ message and has no real heartfelt engagement with the customer. Instead what we’ve done is to try to provoke the reader into reacting and thinking deeper about business, especially during these ‘disruptive’ times with so much of the business landscape undergoing fundamental change. In many ways, these are playful, thoughtful messages with which we hope to again break the mould of tyre industry advertising,” said Zenises CEO Harjeev Kandhari.

The new Zenises artwork will be on display at the 2017 NTDA Annual Awards Dinner (the UK’s most prestigious tyre industry event) and will roll out in both print and digital formats into 2018.

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