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 Samson: New generation machines

Samson, the leading tyre building equipment manufacturer, has been providing full range of tyre building machines to tyre makers supporting their production plans to roll out different kind of tyres, such as wheel barrow, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, all terrain vehicle, Industrial, bias truck & bus, all steel radial truck & bus, radial passenger, OTR, and aircraft tyres.

SamsonEach tyre maker has different needs and demands in machine function. In order to fit such various demands from final users, for PCR tyre building machine as example, Samson provides different models of either single stage or two stage radial tyre building machines for choosing. Especially in two stage radial tyre building machines, Samson’s new generation two-stage radial tyre building machine combines the building efficiency of single stage radial tyre building machine and expanded drum building advantage of traditional two stage tyre building machine.

Besides, customers can choose the level of automation operation from semi-automatic to full automatic they want on their machine. The full automatic machine is very easy to operate. Even a new operator can use Samson’s machine to make good quality and high production tyres easily. After using the building machine from Samson , one would find that these machine are value of its worth.

Based on his tooling machine background, Samson’s founder Lin, owns very deep machine technology concept. Lin insists that as a tyre building machine supplier, it is necessary to understand how to make a good tyre first. Thus, you could know how to design a suitable tyre building machine to final user. Sometimes a best machine design may neither make a good quality tyre nor suit to tyre maker. One needs to know the actual status in factory, put yourself in the same status or background and thinking what the tyre maker needs. Then, start to design the machine. Only a suitable machine can perform best.

(Full text in PTA, August/September issue)

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