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Pursuing unparalleled technology development has been the driving force behind the Heico Tire & Rubber Group, a division of The Heico Companies LLC, that has made it the leading provider of every component a tyre needs. The collective power of the Group’s three companies – The Steelastic Company, RMS Equipment LLC and Bartell Machinery Systems – offers an amazing range of products vital to tyre manufacturing process.

“Our strategies are clearly focused on new technologies through product development, increasing our sales channels around the globe, expanding our infrastructure, improving our 24/7 aftermarket technical support providing rapid response to customer needs,” Tom Rizzi, President & CEO of Pettibone LLC, the holding company under which The Heico Tire & Rubber group is managed, told Polymers & Tyre Asia while defining the Group’s future vision.

Steelastic was founded in 1970 by Sterling W. Alderfer, a prominent inventor and entrepreneur well known in the tyre manufacturing community. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s Steelastic grew and became a key supplier and innovator in the global tyre industry. In 1992 Steelastic was purchased by Chicago-based Heico Companies. Within Heico’s business structure Steelastic was strategically placed under the Pettibone Group of diversified manufacturing companies. Subsequently Bartell Machinery Systems, LLC, celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and RMS Equipment, LLC were also purchased by Heico. Together, the three companies form the Heico Tire and Rubber Group. Working as a group, the three companies are aggressively expanding their product lines.

Rizzi said: “Our company’s vision is to be the leaders and preferred suppliers of advanced machinery systems servicing the tyre industry and adjacent markets. We will achieve our vision by delivering on innovative solutions to meet our customer’s future needs. We will continue as thought leaders in our markets, with a focus on understanding our customer requirements and providing superior machinery technologies that will advance and innovate their manufacturing capabilities.”

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(Full Text in PTA Feb/March issue)

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