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Global brand agency Landor Associates, with 26 offices in 20 countries, has a reputation as one of the world’s preeminent design firms. Since its founding in 1941 it has been inventing marketing strategies that are known for their groundbreaking creativity. One of the prominent persons driving its strategic thinking is Allen Adamson, Chairman of the company’s North America regional office. ADAMSON300

Author of The Edge: 50 Top Tips from Brands that Lead, Brand Simple: How the Best Brands Keep It Simple and Succeed and Brand Digital: Simple Ways Top Brands Succeed in the Digital World, Adamson in an interview to Polymers & Tyre Asia unveiled critical strategies that Asian companies can follow to build international brand equity.

Landor, which helps clients build agile and powerful brands, frames its strategies on the back of in-depth consumer research, highly creative designs of logos and product identities. For business, particularly in Asia, creating a thriving brand in a disruptive marketplace is always a challenge.

Adamson offers many marketing tips to Asian companies that seek to strive to reach out globally. “While pricing and quality are important factors relative to the success of any product, in most global markets these are called ‘table stakes.’ They are a basic cost of entry into a category.”

In many cases, the missing ingredient required to make the leap from a supplier or a manufacturer of a product to a recognised brand leader is innovation. A company must offer something that is truly different and at a competitive price, he told Polymers & Tyre Asia in an interview.

“It must be different enough to turn heads or get noticed in the category. Simply having something of good quality at a decent price is not enough to compete on a global stage,” he asserted.

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